DIY Shooting Sticks

Here's a quick and cheap way to make yourself some really good shooting sticks. Start with 3 fiberglass driveway markers from the local hardware store. These sticks are 4-foot long and approximately 1/4" in diameter. They are available at the local hardware store for about $2.00 each usually.

You also need some duct tape, preferably camouflage, and some cloth camouflage tape. I like the Allen Company cloth camo tape, available on Amazon. I use this type of cloth tape because the ligature will slide on it easily.

...and 36-inches of paracord.


Start by unrolling a 48" length of the duct tape, lay it sticky side up next to one of the sticks...


...and roll it all the way around the stick keeping it as smooth and even as you can...


...until the stick is completely covered. This layer of tape helps to camouflage the sticks if the cloth tape wears off anywhere. These sticks also have a nice point on one end which helps them stick into the ground.


Step 2 is to lay a strip of the cloth tape, sticky side up next to the duct-taped rod as with the duct tape, BUT DON'T wrap it all the way around.


the cloth tape goes edge to edge to leave a lengthwise seam that protrudes from the stick:


This seam is necessary to hold the ligature in place and prevent it from sliding off of the sticks. When all 3 sticks are thus taped, lay them together and cut a piece of paracord about 36-inches long. Tie a tight not at each end and melt the ends to keep them from fraying. CAUTION: the hot, melted paracord will stick to your skin and burn you if you touch it before it cools. Form the paracord into a "U" and lay the three sticks across it:


Tie a clove hitch in the paracord:


The continue to tie half-hitches in each direction on the sticks:


Keep tying until you have 8 loops around the sticks (4 hitches):


Now it's time to tie knots in the loose ends:


In the end, you should have something that looks like this:


You can slide the ligature up and down the rods by pushing it from the end opposite the direction you want to slide it. When the hitches are pushed together, the knot loosens and can slide. By pulling the ends of the knot, you can cinch it down, which will hold the sticks together and keep things from sliding:


To use the sticks, just push the coils together and spread the legs out into a tripod of the desired height:


That's it! You now have some strong, flexible, lightweight shooting sticks.