Precision Rifle Cases (By Instructor Jeremy Decker)

A few years ago I picked up an Eagle HSRC (Hybrid Sniper Rifle Carrier) and have used it as the primary way to carry my precision rifle and accompanying gear. Along the way a lot of people checked it out as it's among the more comprehensive shooting mat/rifle carrying systems on the market. While its not my intent to examine all the possibilities out there, I was recently introduced to another option. Fellow instructor Rowland Rivero purchased a Deluxe Shooters Mat from Galati Gear. There is no mistaking the similarities between them so I decided to do a little comparison.

The similarities are endless but I'll list a few things:


The shoulder straps and their placement are the same, as well as how they deploy and fold away. The zipper has a covering flap on both items and they have garnish ties located in about the same places. They both have the same drag strap locations and are otherwise identical.


On the inside, the placement of the non slip portion as well as the removable and can be interchanged, pockets are all the same. Their advertised weight is listed as the same, coming in at 10 pounds.

Those are the similarities, now the differences.


The first difference is the size. The Galati case is a bit wider, about two inches, while the overall length is the same. Part of this difference is attributed to the thicker padding on the Galati case. Now, this isn't saying the Eagle isn't padded, it certainly is, however the Galati is simply thicker. This also creates another difference in the way the Galati keeps its shape. The Eagle case can be folded over, in case you need to set it up in front of you, where the Galati will remain pretty stiff due to the increased padding.


The Eagle case holds your cleaning rod on the opposite side as the Galati but that's largely trivial. The fold down flap on the Eagle has a water resistant coating in the bottom where the Galati flap is the same plain Cordura on both sides. The Galati case does not have the suppressor holder insert of the Eagle but the muzzle holding tube and the retention strap are virtually identical. In the end people want to know which is best. I think either will serve you well, but the Eagle isn't easy or cheap, where the Galati is available and likely about $100 less expensive. Construction is similar while the materials do differ somewhat.


I prefer the Eagle as it's allows some additional use, as I pointed out about the case being a bit more mission adaptable. Some will like the Galati better as it holds it's shape better. Understand these cases are much more than just a carrying case or a shooting mat. Frankly they're a bit lumpy with all the buckles and straps that make it multipurpose. If you're wanting a completely flat surface, look elsewhere. If you're looking for hard use gear that fills multiple roles and carries your needed supplies, you could do a lot worse than either case.

(To give some context, the person wearing the fully loaded Eagle is 5"10 so you can see its height while being worn like a backpack.)