Concealed Carry

2-day class meets and exceeds state requirements to apply for a concealed handgun license.

Specifically designed to meet and exceed state requirements to apply for a concealed handgun license.

This class is available in Ohio or New Mexico.

The Ohio version is a one day class designed to meet Ohio R.C. 2923.125(B)(3)(e). The New Mexico version is a two day class designed to meet the standards and requirements delineated in New Mexico Statutes ยง 29-19-7.

In addition to the state-approved curriculum focusing on applicable laws, safety, responsible firearms ownership, and basic marksmanship skills, this course includes information on other important topics such as:

  • Selecting a defensive firearm
  • Types of ammunition
  • Holsters and modes of carry
  • Firearms handling skills
  • Mindset, awareness, and avoidance
  • Defensive shooting fundamentals
  • Legal considerations and liability

Equipment List

  • Students do not need to bring their own handgun to this class. (If you do not own a handgun, we strongly recommend you do not purchase one before class, as we will give several recommendations on what qualities to look for in a defensive pistol. You will also have the opportunity to fire a variety of handguns in different calibers during this class to help you decide what type of firearm will best suit your needs.)
  • If you are bringing your own handgun to this class, please make sure it is clean and in safe working order. Please transport it unloaded and in compliance with applicable laws.
  • Ammunition - round count for this class varies, but if you are bringing your own firearms, we recommend bringing at least 100 to 150 rounds of high quality practice ammo. *steel jacketed (Wolf, Tula, etc...) brands are not recommended as they cause safety issues with steel targets and backstops. Please make sure you are bringing the correct type and caliber of ammo for your firearm.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (hearing and eye protection) will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own.
  • Water, lunch, snacks.

The course fee schedule is as follows:

NEW MEXICO: $175+Tax per person ($187.80) - Due to unprecedented demand in 2021, ammunition has become difficult to obtain and prices have skyrocketed. Normally ammunition is provided as part of the class cost, however, we have been forced to add additional charges for qualifying with our firearms. One qualification is included in class cost, additional qualifications with our firearms/ammo are $25. Available firearms for qualification include .45 caliber semi-automatic and .45 caliber revolver as well as 9mm semi-auto and .38 revolver. Due to the potential for damage, we do not permit the use of outside ammunition in our firearms.

The class fee includes all training materials, range fees, and the use of a variety of handguns.

NOTICE: Application for a concealed handgun license involves a thorough police background check. New Mexico does not issue "non-resident" permits. Felony or violent misdemeanor convictions, DUI, domestic violence, and other such charges, including deferred charges, may be disqualifying. While we are happy to give general guidance based on state laws, if you have specific questions about potential background incidents that may interfere with your ability to obtain a concealed handgun license, please consult with an attorney.