Defensive Pistol Applications

One-in-five defensive shootings take place within arms-reach

This 2 day class is designed to help shooters develop solid close-quarters firearms skills as well as dealing with the complexities of shooting in real-world, 360-degree environments.

Prerequisite: Defensive Pistol Elements or equivalent class from another recognized school (please contact us for more information)

Topics covered include:

  • Close-quarters shooting techniques
  • Weapons retention
  • Firing from unconventional positions
  • Bullets and intermediate barriers (glass and sheet metal)
  • Shooting in and around vehicles
  • One-hand and support hand techniques

Equipment List:

  • Reliable defensive handgun
  • Quality concealment holster and mag pouch
  • 3 to 5 magazines or speed-loaders
  • Ammunition - 1000 rounds quality practice ammo. *steel jacketed (Wolf, Tula, etc...) or steel cored (green tip, M855) brands are not recommended as they cause safety issues with steel targets.
  • Personal Protective Equipment: Hearing protection (muffs, plugs, or both), and eye protection (ANSI Z.87 or MilSpec strongly recommended)
  • Water, lunch, snacks
  • Rain/Sun gear and sunscreen/bug repellant as appropriate

Class Fee Schedule

$300 per person payable in full on class start date via cash, check, or money order.

Class Size = 8