Scoped Rifle Shooter/Spotter Teams

Building on the fundamentals, this 2-day class adds a new skill set to the scoped rifle shooter's toolbox.
Working in shooter/spotter teams, students will be challenged to apply the concepts and techniques needed to make observations and give corrections for other shooters.

Students are required to have attended our Scoped Rifle Elements class or an equivalent class taught by a recognized school (please contact us if you have any questions on this). This class is fast paced, and involves some fairly strenuous activity including some walking, and a lot of time spent in the prone shooting position as well as various field positions.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Spotter skills and shooter/spotter team fundamentals
  • Assignment of tasks for each member
  • Successfully ranging targets and formulating firing solutions
  • Efficiently making accurate calls and corrections
  • Alternate positions and how they affect the team

Equipment List:

  • A scoped center-fire rifle capable of minute-of-angle accuracy (.223, .308 and similar calibers are preferred, no magnums please)
  • Ammunition - 200 rounds of quality match grade ammunition
  • A “Dope” book or notebook
  • A shooting mat or pad
  • Binoculars or monocular
  • Spotting scope and tripod (one per pair, we have a few extras, let us know if you need to use one of ours for this class)

Class Fee Schedule

$300 per person payable in full on class start date via cash, check, or money order.

Class Size = 8